When – Project Began Jan 2018 (Lasted Approx 8 months)

– Performed Extensive UX Research
– Performed 70 – 80% of the UX Design
(Site-Mapping – User Flow – Task Flow)
– Performed 60 – 70% of the UX Analysis
(Journey Mapping)
– Performed 70 – 80% of the Content Strategy
– Performed 35% – 45% of the Content Creation

Starting Point –  Solid 25-page website 
Modest Web Traffic
Modest Engagement Rates

End Point – 45 – Page Content Management System 
Web Traffic: Increased 25%
Engagement Rates: Increased 33%

Who is the audience?
Primarily – Male Back End / Frond End Developers / Data Storage Technicians & Managers (Age 30 – 55)

What are we trying to accomplish?

  1. Illustrate Expertise
  2. Compel Users to Visit
  3. Compel Users to Engage
  4. Compel Users to Interact with the Business 

Primary ObjectiveConvert New Users into New Clients
Secondary Objective  – Expand Services of Existing Users  
Why do users care?

Users need a hosting provider, some place to house their data 

Webair’s goal is to position themselves to be the solution to this problem and Help Businesses store their data in a safe environment.  

How to Accomplish ObjectiveTell a Better Digital Story than the Competitors  

Agenda: Tell the Best Digital Story Possible
(Within Timer Parameters & Budget)