New Websites Focus on Providing Value to their users

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New Websites focus on providing value to the user. If you don’t provide value, then the user will go elsewhere.

At the outset, the primary purpose of a website was to create a first impression. With the evolution of Web 2.0 and focus on collective intelligence, the New Website has evolved into an interactive, user-centric, virtual command posts. They now allow prospective customers an opportunity to visit: engage, interact, and learn about the business.

Today’s customers place a greater value on transparency. As a result, they now expect to participate in the corporate environment.

Virtual Storefront

Think of a new website as a virtual storefront. When you walk into a store, how do you choose a product? Do you like to browse and analyze various products?  Do you prefer to watch a video of the product? How do you figure out if that product will be right for you?

Providing the user with an interactive and customizable flow of information conveys one’s story in a way that is uniquely useful. Interactive technology allows us the ability to guide our audience through a compelling narrative. Digital storytelling keeps users engaged, creates a valuable experience while reinforcing a company’s expertise and credibility.

Location, Location, Location

Where would you like your digital storefront to be located?  If you had your choice, would you prefer your storefront to be located in Nowhere, Oklahoma (Real Place) or on Madison Avenue in New York City?

Having a well-designed website with a limited web presence is similar to having an incredible superstore in the middle of nowhere.  As incredible as your superstore may be, if not strategically located, finding new customers will be a constant challenge.

Key Components of a New Website

Content Managment System

User- Experience Design

Website Architecture

Website Content

Website Checklist

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