When – Nov 2016 – June 2017 (8 Months)


– Performed 100% of the UX Research
– Performed 100% of the UX Design
(Site-Mapping – User Flow – Task Flow)
– Performed 100% of the Analysis
(Journey Mapping)
– Performed 100% of the Content Strategy
– Performed 100% of the Content Creation
Starting Point – The Product Owner had a Vision that involved a Globe and  a Map 
No Web Traffic 
No Engagement 

End Point – Robust 25 – Page Content Management System 
Web Traffic: Increased 100%
Engagement Rates: Are much Higher than the Avg. Business Site

Who is the audience?

Everyone Interested in Global Relief 

What are we trying to accomplish?

  1. Educate
  2. Compel Users to Visit
  3. Provide News and Information 
  4. Compel Users to Join in the Relief Effort & Donate Money to their Specific Cause 

Primary Objective – Motivate People to Donate  

Why do users care?

People have Big Hearts – We want to Educate them on Catastrophes happening around and Give them a Mechanism to Help 

How to Accomplish Objective – Educate and Streamline the Donation Process 

Agenda: Provide News Updates – Educate Users – Provide a Platform for Users to Get Involved