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My name is Christopher Watson. I am Founder and Head of Operations here at Mollify.

Mollify is a Digital Agency – We help companies implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in order to Bolster their Digital Business.

I often speak with clients; I help devise marketing strategies and manage my in-house team as well as the dozens of contractors we use on a consistent basis.

I also oversee all of the work we produce, similar to an editor of a newspaper.

Prior to starting Mollify, I spent 20 years in corporate sales and marketing, the last several in surgical sales. I spent a bulk of my time working in the operating room helping surgeons get acclimated to my devices. I was the one the surgeon turned to when something went wrong during surgery. Fortunately, we ALWAYS had great outcomes!

Sales & Marketing has Historically been a Linear attempt at Growing a Business.

During those 5 hour surgeries, I would only have the ability to grow my book of business 1 device at a time, 1 surgeon at a time. I was bound by the number of individuals that my daily efforts could reach.

When I participated in a trade show, again I was bound by the number of prospects who were in attendance with only minutes of potential engagement. This is NOT the case in the New Digital Arena.

The Internet is now a Conglomeration of Interconnected Software Applications with Limitless Growth Potential with Limitless Engagement Possibilities.


It was Larry Page and Sergey Brin who successfully reverse engineered Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web which led to Google. In hopes of coming up with my own big idea, I set out to Reverse Engineer Google’s Internet.

I created Mollify.biz, It’s a 100-page Digital Marketing Strategy Playbook. It’s my interpretation of how Google’s Internet works and how to market in today’s digital environment.

As Larry and Sergey had done previously, I successfully reverse-engineered the Internet.

Google has designated me and my organization the #1 Google Algorithm Specialist in the World

As a Direct Result of my Analysis, Google ranks my explanation of Data Analytics # 1 in the World.

In fact, Out of more than 100 million sources worldwide, Google features my explanation of “Data Analytics” in every Google HomeJust say “Hey Google, “Analytics Explained”, and my definition will be read aloud.

We’ve Worked on Global Digital Asset Optimization Initiatives, we’ve Built Enterprise Software Systems.

We’ve won Enterprises, Best Design and Develop Firms in New York City in 2017 and again in 2018.

We’ve been named one of New York Digital’s Hottest New Startups.

We’ve been named one of Red Herring’s Top 100 Tech Startups in North America.

I would argue that myself and my team understand today’s digital environment better than anyone else on the planet.  

There is really nothing software related that we can’t integrate or manipulate.  

We love to help people – Let’s discuss your business goals and how we can help.  

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